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What does our family offer you on this website? Maybe the answer to the eternal question: Who are we, where do we come from and where are we going? The answer is in us, in each member of our family, someone discovered it sooner, others later, parents learn from children and children learn from parents. All our past, present and future is here and now, on this page, which we offer you to see. Here, we present our way, full of positive energy, love and respect, which is also reflected in our creativity and the search for art with Petra, Barbara, Hedvika and Dušan.

Welcome amongst us!

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    Dušan Naglič

    I like to paint very much. This is my way of life, my joy and my happiness. With my art works I want to give my life force, the energy of joy and optimism. I want to paint my own world with that energy as reflection on my artistic soul and heart. My paintings are reflection of that powerful energy with forms and strong contouring, from which radiates faith and trust into the human. In my creativity is to find harmony with the most beautiful, highest and cleanest feeling, which is not in doubt and where is no explanation. I give all my works to the people, which I accept with all of love and all of respect.

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    Hedvika Naglič

    Nature is art. Art is nature. And yet, nature can exist without art and it is up to us to make art a perception of nature. Through my photography I am trying to capture the art of nature... every breath, every fallen leaf, every small creature, every big tree. Nature has taught me, how to observe things I never noticed before.

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    Barbara Naglič

    Making art is an exceptional talent which needs to be cherished. That is why I consider myself very lucky. I will perhaps never be a schooled professional artist because I was rejected twice by The Art Academy in Ljubljana and other private schools are way too expensive. My way of learning is by copying other artworks, read a lot about colours and how to draw, paint and observe the nature. There is always something new to learn and that excites me very much, because I am always searching for development. My favourite are egyptian and renaissance art. The most inspiring to me is the city of Florence in Italy. Although I am very old fashioned when it comes to painting, I must admit that even modern art has its charms.

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    Petra Filipič

    Let's say it, I am a beginner in this huge world of art. There is nothing that I like more than painting and drawing. I started about 2 years ago and although the world of art still frightens me a bit, I am enthusiastic to learn about new techniques, styles and different portrayals of motives.

    In my work, I represent my thoughts, feelings, worries and things that come to my mind. My biggest wish is someday to have my own atelier, and to give courses and advice to people who have just started in the world of art like I did.

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